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We are committed to you and your employees

At Savant, we are committed to improving the retirement outcomes of  your employees. Through our Employee Education Solution, we provide specific, clear, and actionable advice to help employees reach their retirement goals. As fiduciaries to your plan, our mission is always  to provide ethical, independent and insightful advice. 

We provide meaningful guidance and support to ensure successful retirement outcomes.

With over 20 years in the industry, we have the resources and knowledge in the areas of risk management and plan services.

The core feature of our service aims to address the following:










We serve all types of qualified and non-qualified retirement plans. We work alongside other financial intermediaries such as third-party administrators, accountants, actuaries and recordkeepers to deliver cost-effective solutions to Plan clients.

Plan Sponsors



Elements that will drive participation and engagement, helping steer employees towards successful retirement outcomes, enhance business owner and executive benefits.

Integrated process evaluates side-by-side comparisons of provider’s fees and services.



Fee comparisons and analysis provide accurate and up-to-date value assessment.


Gap analysis that evaluates compliance criteria and maintains review checklists.



Plan Participants

Plan Participant


Learn about retirement readiness and create an action plan with the help of a retirement plan advisor through group and one-on-one meetings.

Our model portfolio approach and why target date funds are not for everyone...

Why target date funds are not for everyone

  • Assume all investors have similar attitudes about volatility

  • Don’t account for unique individual factors that should impact asset allocation

  • Have too much risk for most investors, particularly those nearing retirement

  • Most often more expensive than well-constructed model portfolios

  • Often include poor performing funds

  • Lack diversification across management groups

Advantages of Savant Model Portfolios

  • Provide same benefit of target date funds while reducing risk as retirement nears

  • Allow consideration of real factors such as concerns of volatility and other individual issues

  • Much cheaper than most target date funds

  • Broad diversification across asset classes and money managers

  • Allows “best of breed” selection of individual fund managers

  • Can sit alongside target date funds as investment options

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