Individuals & Families

We provide personalized solutions for growing and protecting your wealth.

Our solutions are designed to preserve and enhance your wealth by implementing disciplined and time-tested investment strategies.


Our goal is to provide you with the most thoughtful and objective advice possible, so you can focus on your family, passions and other aspects of your life.

The core aspect of our process is to manage your investment portfolio to best achieve your long-term goals.  However, we also provide advice and guidance on a large array of financial matters, including:

  • Home financing and refinancing

  • College funding options

  • Tax smart investing strategies

  • Private investment evaluation

  • Asset protection tactics 

  • Business valuation

  • Recommendations of specialists such as tax advisors and estate planners


We interface with your other advisors, including tax preparers, insurance agents, bankers, estate planners, and lawyers to ensure that your investment strategy is appropriate for your comprehensive goals. 

This is what we do.


We are focused on helping you achieve your goals

As your fiduciary, we work diligently to design, implement and manage your investment portfolio while remaining intensely focused on long-term objectives and building upon a solid foundation of empirically tested investment principles.

We are independent and have a fee-only compensation structure, so you can rest assured you are receiving objective advice.

Here is how we do it.

Discovery & Analysis

Discovery & Analysis

We evaluate your current portfolio and determine if it is consistent with your financial goals. 

We work with you to understand your risk tolerance, income needs, investment horizon and other aspects to determine the appropriate asset allocation.

We build a fully customized investment portfolio, designed to meet your personal financial objectives and minimize your tax exposure.


We monitor your portfolio and perform ongoing research and due diligence, including in-depth reviews of investment managers and providing appropriate asset mix recommendations.


We meet with you regularly to assess your progress and learn about any events that may impact your goals.

Ongoing Management

Our goal is to keep you appropriately informed by sending you quarterly newsletters and performance reports,  along with periodic market updates stating our current perspectives.



We are guided by time-tested investing principles 

These simple yet profound principles have benefited our clients for over two decades. We rigorously and consistently apply them across all of our client relationships.


Asset Allocation & Rebalancing

Your portfolio’s asset allocation is the major determinant of your risk-and-return. We periodically rebalance your portfolio to maintain those characteristics.


We diversify your portfolio by asset class, investment style and manager to reduce risk and maximize long‐term wealth.

Low-cost & Tax-efficiency Focus

We employ low-cost, tax-efficient investment strategies for your portfolio.

Avoidance of Market Timing

We avoid market timing strategies (tactics that frequently pull out of the market or actively switch between investments) because research indicates that these strategies often fail and add to the cost, risk, and taxability to your portfolio.