The Costa Report Partners with Savant Investment Group, LLC, to Produce Weekly Market Update

San Francisco, CA – April 20, 2012 – The Costa Report announced today that they have partnered with the Savant Investment Group, LLC, to offer a financial market update on the radio program beginning April 27, 2012. Chief Investment Officer of Savant, Dr. Scott Lummer, will co-host what is anticipated to be an innovative look at global financial markets, with a special emphasis on strategies for surviving dramatic swings. The weekly segment, called Market Matters, will open the second hour of The Costa Report following the news.

When asked why The Costa Report tapped Lummer, host of the program, Rebecca Costa, explained, “Dr. Lummer is one of the best kept secrets in the industry. Prior to joining Savant he was the Director of Research at Atlantic Asset Management, CIO at mPower and Managing Director at Ibbotson Associates, so everyone working in finance is familiar with his track record.” She continued, “We’ve been after him since The Costa Report began. Persistence finally paid off.”

Dr. Lummer has been a frequent guest on WSJ Radio, KCBS, as well as CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg News and other financial programs. Market Matters is Lummer’s first regularly scheduled report. According to Lummer, “I’m a big fan of The Costa Report. When they approached me with the idea of taking a few minutes every week to talk about breaking financial news in a way that’s useful to the person on the street –it sounded a lot like what I already do.” Lummer was delighted when his employer, Savant Investment Group, LLC, not only gave their blessing but stepped forward to underwrite the segment. “It was a complete surprise,” said Lummer.

Tom Burkhart, founder and CEO of Savant Investment Group, LLC, explained, ”We view Market Matters as a public service. The experience and perspective Lummer brings to Savant clients is something every investor will find valuable.”

The first installment of Market Matters, with host Dr. Scott Lummer, will air on KSCO AM 1080 followed by KYNO AM 940 and KVI AM 570 and will be available on The Costa Report web page as well as Apple iTunes. Episodes will also be available via the Rebecca Costa mobile app and at

About The Costa Report

The Costa Report is an agenda-free weekly news radio program hosted by acclaimed sociobiologist and author, Rebecca Costa. The program consists of a one-hour interview with a renowned newsmaker, followed by a second hour of listener telephone calls. Guests on The Costa Report have included Ron Paul, Jared Diamond, Juan Williams, Alan Dershowitz, Jennifer Granholm, Michael Dukakis, Paul Ehrlich, etc. The Costa Report currently boasts 2.8 million listeners and has been called “the fastest growing talk radio show in the West.” For more information visit

About Dr. Scott Lummer

Dr. Scott Lummer, PhD, CFA, is the Chief Investment Officer of Savant Investment Group, LLC. He previously served as a Senior Consultant for Manufacturer’s Hanover Trust Company, Managing Director of Consulting Services for Ibbotson Associates, Chief Investment Officer at mPower and Director of Research at Atlantic Asset Management. He was also a professor of Finance at Texas A&M University and Johannes Kepler University. He has contributed articles to over 25 books and journals and is a frequent guest on radio and television programs which focus on global financial markets. For more information visit

About Savant Investment Group, LLC

Savant Investment Group, LLC, is one of the leading independent, fee-only wealth management firms in the United States. The company was founded in 1991 by visionary and entrepreneur, Thomas H. Burkhart, whose objective was to provide world-class personalized investment solutions to individuals, corporate retirement plans and foundations/endowments. The company offers a full suite of investment strategy and money management services. For more information visit


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